Are conventional paths and solutions useful for our young adults today?

As a father of two, I wonder (and worry) how my children are prepared for their future.

The conventional path into adulthood and success - good grades, a college degree, and good paying job - is no longer a guaranteed outcome.

High tuition and student debt are big factors in calculating the ROI of a 4-year degree. Yet, off we go to college pushing down our reservations and avoiding deeper questions.

What are the alternate possibilities for our young adults?

This newsletter explores the new paths and possibilities for young adults. Join our open-ended conversation that includes topics like:

  • future of learning and non-traditional learning paths

  • future of work

  • how are young adults exploring different paths

  • who are the emerging voices guiding our students and young adults

  • news, data, and evidence of new trends

The future is shaped at the edges.

I see a world that’s changing and accelerating faster than I can keep up.

This newsletter is a forcing function for me to continue seeking what’s next and support those working on new solutions.

I invite you on this exploration together and let’s see where it takes us.


Rob Yang
Multi-discipline creative builder with projects in architecture, video games, and web. Current: helping young adults prepare for the future of work.