Creative production and levels of skill moves from scarcity to abundance. What happens next?

December 2022

Whether AI will impact your life and work, it's true.

November 2022

The conversation is shifting towards AI as an essential tool for creatives

October 2022

The 20-year old who's sold four businesses, therapy through tabletop games, and making new maps to better see the future
Rapid change is too gentle to describe the impact of generative AI is having today
Predicting the future or creating the future are two different things.
Learning what you need when you need it is becoming easier

September 2022

Look around - it's not the best idea that wins. The best story wins.
Within a few months, we have progressed from AI replacing us to AI enhancing our creativity
Life's outcomes are not guaranteed so increase your exposure to luck.
Digital native's screen time doesn't translate to digital skills needed for school and work
It's time to stop fearing AI and shift to learning how to use it in your favor